Pathways to inclusion in different educational environments

Migrant children and LLL skills within and outside Europe

A cura di Roberta Ricucci, Alessia Rosa

Collana: University, Teaching & Research
Anno: 2023
Pagine: 332
Formato: E-book
ISBN: 9791255681090
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The volume "Pathways to Inclusion in Different Educational Environments. Migrant Children and LLL Skills within and Outside Europe" illustrates the main steps of the KIDS4ALLL project. KIDS4ALLL project has been granted in the frame of the Horizon2020 Work Program SC6 entitled ‘Europe in a Changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective societies’ and with particular reference to topic 5 focused on integration challenges of migrant children in educational contexts. It aims to support school inclusion and to strengthen and valorise transcultural and interdisciplinary skill sets in a highly diversified learner population, which increasingly corroborates the actual necessity for lifelong learning. In order to pursue these important objectives, the KIDS4ALLL project developed and tested learning method based on the buddy principles. Indeed, the developed learning method draws on knowledge acquisition skills training and attitude transfer to convey lifelong learning competencies as a whole within a collaborative and co-creative learning process. As a response to the educational needs of children, in particular of migrant children, and of educators as pathfinders for continuous lifelong and life-wide learning, the project is grounded on three Key Inclusive Development Strategies (KIDS) towards LifeLongLearning (LLL), which represent the specific objectives of the project: knowledge acquisition, skill training and competence transfer. Thanks to various activities (comparative research, training with teachers, practitioners, educators, volunteers, learning unit production and data analysis, both qualitative and quantitative), the project testes its learning method in various EU and non-EU countries and discussed it finding among the numerous project partners and with several scholars and stakeholders from from a total of 17 EU and non-European countries that span over 3 continents The book presents the international experiences carried out in the involved countries and its main impacts in the various educational contexts (formal, informal and non-formal), stressing how the lifelong learning approach could foster societal inclusion.

Sotiris Petropoulos is Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations of the University of the Peloponnese. He received his PhD from the Department of Geography, Harokopio University of Athens (Greece) while he holds an MA in International Political Economy from Warwick University (UK). He has taught at the University of the Aegean, of Central Greece and of Piraeus while he has participated in numerous research programs. In addition he has acted as Senior Consultant on International Donors Programs at Ernst & Young. His research interests, among others, focus on migration, civil society organizations and global governance..