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In the ever-evolving landscape of education, teaching transcends mere arti­stry; it is a profound commitmem requiring wisdom, cominuous develop­mem, community collaboration, and research support. With the complexities of modem classrooms, educators face unprecedemed demands. They require comprehensive initial training, ongoing professional growth, collaboration within the social fabric, and backing from research communi­ties. Addressing these needs empowers educators not just to endure but to thrive, shaping the forthcoming era towards inclusive digital citizenship and gender eq uali ty. The ISATT2023 conference, hosted by the University of Bari, convened over 200 scholars worldwide. This publication compiles their insights, span­ning diverse cominems and cultures. Organized imo three thematic sections, it delves imo research methodologies, societal challenges, and innovative pe­dagogica! approaches. From exploring teaching paradigms to fostering in­clusive environmems, this collection offers a panoramic view of comemporary educational landscapes, stimulating curiosity and promoting further exploration imo the realm of teaching and learning.