The idea for this book arises from the need to analyze a topic that is one of the founding principles of pedagogical reflection, that of inclusion, a key concept in the most recent guidelines elaborated at an educational level, both in Europe and internationally. This book is the result of the collaboration between a group of Italian and Spanish scholars, which has converged in a joint publication. In particular, together with fellow pedagogists from the Universities of Cantabria, Córdoba, Granada (Granada and Ceuta campuses), Málaga, for Spain, and Cassino and UniPegaso, for Italy, it was agreed to investigate the broad topic of inclusive education, starting from the diverse perspectives it holds. Education and the inclusion of diversities expresses a need which, in the current socio-political-cultural phase, apparently can no longer be postponed, namely attention to the existential quality and inviolability of each individual’s human rights, without any distinction.

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