Peace education: contexts and values

A cura di Angela Perucca, Jemes Calleja

Collana: Fuori Collana
Anno: 1999
Pagine: 442
Formato: 17x24cm
ISBN: 9788882320988

€ 26,00
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This book is a inter-cultural expression of peace in a practical way. It is focused on education not only in its formal institutional aspects but rather as an organised method of transmitting from one generation to another, the essential knowledge in specific contexts for a better society of the future. Most of the works were contributed from authors which retain as necessary for the maintenance of peace and for peace-building in the context of peace education, the assertion of peace which derives it's raison d'être from the underlying values of democracy, interculturality and education. For this purpose we have organised the works into three main parts. This is a selection of writings from authors who regard peace as a process that cannot be derived from pure existing social structures but must necessarily be based on day-to-day contexts and universal values respected in every culture. It is  a good mixture of ideas which provoke the reader for further reflection about peace education seen from a contextual and value-oriented frameworks.