Antonella Nuzzaci

Competenze, processi regolativi e valutativi

Collana: Formazione
Anno: 2012
Formato: 17x24
ISBN: 9788867609860

€ 25,00
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ISBN: 9788882329860


Antonella Nuzzaci
Antonella Nuzzaci is Associate Professor of Experimental Pedagogy at the Department of Human Studies at the University of L’Aquila, where she is Dean of the Didactic Area Council in Education and Social Work. She deals with problems of educational experimentalism in the field of evaluation and self-evaluation processes of the higher education system; methodological, reflective and digital skills in teacher training; relationships between new alphabetic forms (multiliteracies) and profiles of school population in the direction of a possible strengthening of the latter through the use of tangible and intangible cultural assets. She is the author of numerous national and international publications including Linguistic Policies and Issues in teachers’ training (with Francesco Avolio and Lucilla Spetia, Lecce-Brescia, 2019)