Vincenzo Bonazza

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Hyphoteses, Models and Evidence About Competence-Based Teaching and Learning

Collana: International Studies of Educational Sciences - ISES
Anno: 2023
Pagine: 142
Formato: 14x21cm
ISBN: 9788867609581

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The aim of this volume is to the internationalisation of education research, with a specific focus on competency-based teaching. A brief summary of the subject matter of each chapter follows: (1) The concept of curriculum and the Nataonal Guidelines on Curriculum Development in Italy; (2) Definition of competence and its operationalisation in terms of interpretation, action, self-regulation models, and related cognitive functions; (3) The association between differing degrees of self-perceived strategic competence and different levels of academic performance was investigated by conducting a cluster analysis, which led to the identification of four groups of students; (4) Analysis of the concept of "intercultural competence", as a set of requisites necessary in complex situations and in particular in working with migrants, constituting the indispensable wealth of resources to train education professionals; (5) An empirical survey in the Campania region of Italy: approach to competency-based education.

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Vincenzo Bonazza
Vincenzo Bonazza is an Associate Professor of Experimental Pedagogy, teaches Assessment and Evalution at the Faculty of Human Sciences of Università Telematica Pegaso. His research interests and activities focus on Evaluation, Teaching Design, and Distance Learning. Among his most recent works: Valutazione e scuola. Ideologia, senso comune e cultura della ricerca (Rome, 2020): this book was awarded the prestigious "Luigi Calonghi" Award in 2019 by the Italian Society for Educational Research SIRD; Docimologia. Un'introduzione (Rome, 2020) in collaboration with Benedetto Vertechi; Individualizzazione a scuola. Il modello di apprendimento, la strategia didattica, la ricerca empirica (Milan, 2021); Ripensare la scuola. Valutare per i tempi lunghi (Rome 2022) in collaboration with Benedetto Vertecchi.