Laudato si' +5, Fratelli tutti

Human Development. A great cultural, spiritual political, economic, educational challenge

A cura di Sara Bornatici, Patrizia Galeri, Yves Gaspar, Pierluigi Malavasi, Orietta Vacchelli

Collana: Pedagogia, Sviluppo Umano e Ambiente
Anno: 2020
Pagine: 328
Formato: E-book
ISBN: 9788867607785

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In an era signed by the gravity of human and environmental degradation, universal fraternity and care for creation represent the only path to integral development and peace. All the essays that constitute the volume Laudato si’ +5, Fratelli tutti. Human Development. A great cultural, spiritual, political, economic, educational challenge, edited by Sara Bornatici, Patrizia Galeri, Yves Gaspar, Pierluigi Malavasi, Orietta Vacchelli, move from this persuasion, expressed in an icastic way by Pope Francis. The authors of the contributions, according to peculiar approaches linked to transdisciplinary research promoted by the Postgraduate School for Environmental Studies of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, identify within the responsibility for the care of the common home the challenge to implement a new model of civilization, truly oriented to the well-being of humankind. To react in the face of injustices, aberrations, abuses of financial, technological and media powers entails a common commitment, a cultural, spiritual, socio-political, economic and pedagogical project-oriented approach, whose pathway is the culture of dialogue, collaboration as conduct, and reciprocal knowledge as criterion. Five years after the Encyclical Letter Laudato sì, Fratelli Tutti takes up its inspiration and develops its method: only universal love can save the world. The term development encompasses the idea of future. The multifaceted demand for sustainability that runs through every realm of society needs to be traced back to the auroral core of identity, which is the human question. It is the person, the face of the other, in his unrepeatability, as an individual and as a community, the first and last text of the (challenge) of development. A human one.