La responsabilità culturale e sociale dell'università

The cultural and social responsibility of the University

A cura di Ivana Maria Padoan

Collana: La Società Formativa
Anno: 2017
Pagine: 468
Formato: 17x24cm
ISBN: 9788867604524

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Since long the role of university is at the center of worldwide cultural, socio-economic and political considerations. Beyond the differences and specificities of the different countries, universities, along with educational and training institutions represent a comprehensive global and worldwide geography of the development of human capital, of knowledge and of social innovation. As evinced by the different international analysis the attention to universities, has become an urgent need for new emerging countries, for those countries that are struggling to rise above conflict and trying to freed from violence, from social and cultural poverty, but also, to a greater extent, for the more advanced countries that towards cultural competition are facing transnational innovation difficulties. The ability to coagulate multiple resources, to activate processes of intercultural, cultural changes, social and economic transformations, process of mobilization of young people, of researchers, by the innovating countries, is the basis of a new idea of democracy of human capital and of resources, of the role of peoples, of institutions and communities in the light of the quick changes and mutual and dependent relations that these changes entail. Overcoming the markets constraints of knowledge, the constraints of mobility, of culture, of training, places the universities under a double viewpoint aspect: innovation in its territory and the investment with strategic partnerships, border, network development, capable to build leadership and cooperatives. Its an effort that universities must do in the present situation where competition and innovation puts them in comparison not only one with the other, but between universities and entreprise, universities and private companies, universities and research bodies and training. It is in this contest that the different devices of the universities must be reinterpreted as qualitative development, effective consultation and transformative impact of cultural and social territories, far and near.The book contains essays that from 2014 onwards are the subject of strategic meetings between the European and South American universities belonging to the Reseau international de la Redford. The meetings have a strategic goal to build competitive innovation-oriented partnership of the cultural and professional training, the exchange of researchers and the improvement of social and cultural administrative governance.